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The entryway furniture – the entrance to your home

“There is a horse in the hallway. Yes, a horse in the hallway…” Admittedly, your hall also lends itself to a slightly more attractive interpretation than the well-known tune. A hall is more than a pull hole or a lock in the house. It is the reception area par excellence. Venoche helps to create the right first impression and the first contact with life at home.

The first meetings, first hug and greeting of the guests take place in the hallway. The first impression is created here. Not only from the stranger at the door, your friends and family also benefit from a warm greeting and a first good impression if they have not seen you for a while. A good reception is important for a warm evening. So view the right furniture and home accessories to be sure of the right first impression.

The entryway furniture in the connecting room

Furniture in the entryway

The hall is often a very narrow space that only serves as a walk-through space. However, it is possible to place hall furniture there. It is even very practical to have some small pieces of furniture there:

  • The first thing you probably think of is a coat rack . Thanks to a coat rack, you no longer have to hang your coats over a banister.
  • After the coat, take off your shoes. To prevent a build-up of shoes, a shoe cabinet is a very useful hallway furniture. They can then all be stored behind closed doors.
  • You can store a lot of things in a chest of drawers, but you can also display accessories on it. Commodes do not have to be large at all, so that practical storage space still fits in a narrow hall.
  • In a slightly larger hall you can place a wardrobe. Here the jackets and the shoes can all go together. Many versions already have a mirror, so you can check your outfit at the last minute.

With this furniture you keep your hall tidy and organized, so that you can quickly find your shoes, your coat and accessories every time. Moreover, you can set a good tone with the right design and a suitable color.

New attention

A hall has the function of connecting different spaces. A hallway can run through your entire home, connecting multiple spaces. In that case, the hall is a kind of lifeline indoors. Halls, just as the lifeline enables the movement of blood, create the most natural possible flow and movement in the house. The hall itself is often not the goal of the relocation, but only the means to that end. That was always the basic idea behind the corridor in the past. Only recently has the hall been brought to the attention of various interior designers. Rightly so, as the hall has the ability to leave a decisive impression on those who walk through it. A hallway shows how seriously you take your home.

Details make it complete

With the right lighting, you decide for yourself what you show and what you might not show. What do you emphasize and what not. Often the hall is not that wide, so it is nice to make it look like it is wide through a mirror. Handy too, because when you go outside you can quickly check whether that jacket fits your new pants. So you can also use the hall as a kind of changing room. With a spacious mirror you start the day with a dance. In this way you can use your hall multifunctionally. To make it take up as little space as possible, it is best to choose a wall mirror or a mirror on the wardrobe. Furthermore, a beautiful shoe cabinet in your entrance can serve as a storage place for all shoes. By organizing all your shoes in the shoe closet, you can also easily see if your shoes match your favorite pants. Or a more spacious cloakroom on the first floor for towels and bed covers, for example. This furniture makes your halls neat and orderly.

Bring atmosphere to the hall

With appropriate mood determinants and accessories you put your signature under your interior. A well-maintained hall lets the homely warmth begin at the front door. For example, an umbrella stand next to the coat rack is not only practical, it is also a nice decorative element that makes the rainy days a little less miserable. With the right design, they can even brighten up the day. You no longer have to look for a plush if you are already grumpy from the rain. You can also go a little further. You can use the hall as the display space or the accessories of your personality. Hang your own artwork or your children’s drawings. You often walk through your hall several times a day. Then why not hang these memories here?

Entryway furniture – it goes its way

You complete your interior by paying attention to details. A nice big sofa certainly changes the home, but if your hall is still a mess, this is not a good idea. If you want to have your home taken care of down to the last detail, then attention to the hall is definitely part of that. Combine the pleasant with the functional.  Make your hall into a room that you not only enjoy passing by, but also enjoy lingering. Here you will find more than 150,000 furniture, lamps and home accessories, where you may find the perfect hall furniture. Our products can also be ordered quickly and easily. After your order we do the rest. Are you not completely satisfied with the coat rack? Then you can simply use our right of return. By offering a 30-day return policy, Can you ever think about your purchase? We are home.

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