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Outdoor Fish Tank Air Pump: Solar Powered


Experience efficient and eco-friendly aeration for your outdoor fish tank with our solar-powered air pump. Powered by the sun, it provides a constant stream of oxygen, promoting a healthy environment for your aquatic life. With its durable construction and reliable performance, this air pump is perfect for maintaining the well-being of your fish and other aquatic inhabitants. Enjoy the convenience and sustainability of solar-powered aeration with our outdoor fish tank air pump

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Outdoor Fish Tank Air Pump: Solar Powered

Bullet Points:

1、3 Modes: Our solar pool air pump has 3 different modes, strong bubble mode, temperature and bubble mode, and circulation mode. Better meet various occasions and needs. Mini 0.6L/min. Two air outlets make the airflow organization more uniform and transparent
2、Solar Powered: The solar aerator pump is powered by solar energy, with no wiring, environmentally friendly energy, 180° adjustable solar panel design, and easy to adjust to the best angle to absorb solar energy
3、Low Noise: This solar oxygen pump has no noise, the noise is lower than 60dB, it can help restore the oxygen level of any garden pond, ensure cleanliness, protect the life of fish and pond
4、Easy to Carry: This solar-powered oxygen pump requires no wires, is small in size, lightweight, and easy to carry, install the solar panel, put the air stone in the water, then the solar air pump will start working within seconds when exposed to full sunlight
5、Wide Application: The solar oxygen pump is especially suitable for all kinds of fish tanks, small swimming pools, ponds, and aquariums, suitable for oxygen supply, wild fish oxygen supply, and a small amount of aquarium transportation oxygen supply. It is suitable for fishing enthusiasts, friends, family members, gifts from parents, etc.
Product Description:
1. The solar oxygen booster pump has 3 different modes: strong bubble mode, temperature and bubble mode, circulation mode. Better meet various occasions and needs
2. The solar air pump requires no wires, small size and light weight

3. The fish tank pond oxygen pump is widely used in various aquariums, pools, and ponds for oxygen supply, especially for oxygen supply for failures, wild fish oxygen supply and a small amount of aquarium transportation oxygen supply

ChemicalType : Monocrystalline Silicon
Production process: PET laminated frosted
Working voltage: 5V
Output power: 2.5W
Working current: 320mA
Air pump type: DC microair pump
Pump belt waterproof line length: 3 meters
Voltage 3.5V
Noise: less than 60dB
Maximum airflow: 0.6L/min
Working environment temperature: -10~45°
Maximum water depth: 1 meter
Dimensions: 149*95*2.4mm
Inner box size: 38*30.5*10CM

Product gross weight: 0.45KG

Product List:
Solar panel*1
Air pump*1
Accessories package*1

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