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Garden Plants Trellis: Support for Climbing


Our garden trellis provides sturdy and reliable support for your climbing plants. Create a visually stunning vertical garden and maximize your garden’s space. Designed with durability in mind, our trellis encourages healthy plant growth and allows you to showcase beautiful climbing vines and flowers. Elevate your garden with our versatile and functional garden trellis.

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Garden Plants Trellis: Creative Support for Climbing

Bullet Points:

1、Unique Trellis: This Garden Trellis is specially designed for climbing plants. This Plant Support has a lot of open areas for pruning and picking, which allows it to provide continuous support throughout the plant growth process.
2、Anti-rust Material: Wrought iron outdoor Garden Trellis is made of PE coated pipe and PP. The anti-rust material allows them to be used not only indoors but also for outdoor decoration. This Plant Support can be used as an anti-rust clematis trellis.
3、Two Sizes: This Garden Trellis has two sizes, large and small. The large size is more suitable for outdoor vines and large plants, and the small size is more suitable for potted plants and other small plants.
4、Good Decorations: This Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants will bring new scenery to your garden. With its unique appearance, it can become a unique and beautiful decoration in your garden.

5、Suitable For Multiple Plants: Metal Garden Trellis provides support for small flower pots and a variety of climbing plants. Such as ivy, rose, clematis, jasmine, cucumber, strawberry, vine, beans, peas, grapes, morning glory, long-stem potted vegetables.

The Plant Climbing Support is a teacher for climbing plants. It can shape and pull wild plants back on track. With these Garden Trellis, your plants will grow neatly according to your ideas.
Product name: 8mm plug-in flower screen
Type: Straight

Color: black

Product Size:
S: height 60 cm / 23.62 in, width 46.5 cm / 18.30 in
L: 90 cm / 35.43 in H, 46.5 cm / 18.30 in W
Product material: coated steel (pole), PP resin (mesh)

Scope of application: delete fences, balcony potted climbing vines, ground-planted climbing vines, fence partitions, climbing and fixing of roses, roses and other flowers

Product List:
S: Climbing Plant Trellis *3 pieces
L: Climbing Plant Trellis *6 pieces

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