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Coir Totem Pole: Plant Climbing Support


Our coir totem pole is a reliable plant climbing support that encourages vertical growth and adds a touch of natural beauty to your indoor space. Made from sustainable coir fiber, this pole provides a sturdy structure for your climbing plants, allowing them to thrive and create lush greenery. It also helps prevent sprawling and promotes better air circulation. Elevate your indoor garden with our versatile and eco-friendly coir totem pole.

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Coir Totem Pole: Plant Climbing Support

Bullet Points:

1、【Flexible Extendable Design】Our Self-Watering Moss Pole, when the plant grows beyond the coir pole, stack another pole on to create extra support for your taller plants.
2、【Train Plants to Grow Upwards】This Moss Poles provide sturdy vertical support to climbing house plants. Moss poles for plants monstera can also be a space saver.
3、【Natural Coconut Fiber】This Moss Pole is made of natural coconut palm + wooden stick, and moss poles for climbing plants help plants maintain the water and nutrition for growing better.
4、【Easy to Use】Firstly, embed the plant sticks support handle completely into the soil near the plant’s stem. Finally, tie the climbing plant stem to plant poles for potted plants indoors by hemstitch, and paper twist.

5、【Provide Support to A Variety of Plants】Our Plant Support for indoor plants that are perfectly suited for monstera, pothos, amaryllis, orchids, money plants, and more.



1. This coir totem pole is made of 100% natural coconut shell, so it is very hard and wear-resistant. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and can be used for a long time.
2. It is safe for your plants, provides strong support for the growth of plants, and helps plants maintain water and nutrients, so as to grow better.
3. These coconut shell totem poles are made of strong coconut shell moss fiber, hard and wear-resistant, and no harm to your plants; strong sharp wooden sticks can be easily inserted into the soil, and the rope Wrapping around poles ensures long-lasting moss.
4. The totem pole plant support is an ideal tool for a variety of indoor climbing plants, such as vines, creepers, potatoes, money plants, and monstera, easy way for most creepers.
5. The bottom of this coil totem pole is designed for easy insertion into the soil, and the middle is hollow. If you feel you can’t fit the length of the totem pole, you can extend the length by inserting a second tip into the top of the first.

6. This coconut shell totem pole is very suitable for all kinds of climbing plants. It can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors. Lianas such as vines can twine and grow upwards.

Product Name: Coconut Palm Stick
Material: natural coconut palm + wooden stick


Packing list:
Coconut stick * 1</span

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