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Anti Bird Net: Nylon Garden Netting


Safeguard your garden from pesky birds with our reliable anti-bird net. Made from high-quality nylon, this garden netting creates a protective barrier, preventing birds from damaging your plants and crops. Its durable construction and fine mesh design ensure maximum effectiveness. Easy to install and remove, our anti-bird net is an essential tool for maintaining a bird-free and thriving garden.

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Anti Bird Net: Nylon Garden Netting


Bullet Points:

1、 [ Materials of Good Quality ] Anti Bird Netting is made of high-quality polyethylene material, designed with anti-cold-heat effect,anti-UV, and rot properties, woven from high-temperature dissolving silk.
2、 [ Broadly Used ] Anti Bird Netting is great to protect your fruits/trees/crops from bird invasions, widely used, and suitable for raising any type of poultry, pond nets, and garden fences.
3、 [ Safe Usage ] Anti Bird Netting is able to be used as an outdoor covering for the fence, is great to protect plants without harming birds and comes with bright colors and a scientific design.
4、 [ Versatile Purposes ] Anti Bird Netting is a 2-inch mesh bird-proof net, great to prevent birds and small animals from eating or damaging plants, vegetables, and trees, does not harm these animals or interfere with the growth of plants.

5、 [ Simple to Install ] Anti Bird Netting is able to be installed on a floating cover or other frames, easy to install, available in four sizes with suitably thick ropes.


1. Made of high-quality polyethylene material.
2. Great to protect plants without harming birds.

3. Available in four sizes.

1. Product name: Anti-bird Net
2. Product material: Polyethylene
3. Upgraded features: the diameter of the net reaches 0.42 mm and it can bear 50 kg
4. Color: Black
5. Size of mesh: 2 inch
6. Total Dimensions:
S:16.4 * 32.8 ft (5 * 10 m)
M:16.4 * 49.2 ft (5 * 15 m)
L:16.4 * 82 ft (5 * 25 m)

XL:16.4 * 98.4 ft (5 * 30 m)

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