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Safeguard your garden and outdoor spaces with our reflective bird repeller. Birds can cause damage to crops, fruits, and create a mess in your garden. Our bird repeller features reflective surfaces that create bright flashes of light, deterring birds from approaching. Easy to install, simply hang it in the desired area to create a protective barrier. Enjoy peace of mind and a bird-free environment with our reliable and effective reflective bird repeller.

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Reflective Bird Repeller

Bullet Points:

1、【Repel Birds】Bird Reflectors use wind movement and light reflection to keep birds away from any angle. They spin easily in the breeze, scaring away birds and protecting your garden, farm and lawn by creating bright flashes of light.
2、【Safe Material】Bird Spiral Reflectors are made of safe and harmless material, they will not cause harm to the environment and animals. Our bird scare device does not harm birds but scares them away by reflecting visible light.
3、【Double Sided】Bird Reflectors for Garden are strong enough to attract the attention of birds from far away. They’re double-sided so they’re more reflective by spinning in the wind and reflecting sunlight.
4、【Easy to Install】Anti Bird Reflectors require no assembly. Each one features a durable nylon thread that can withstand high winds. You can easily hang this bird-reflector hanger in your area for effective use.
5、【Widely Used】Spiral Reflectors for Birds are not only practical but also decorative. Can be used on farms to protect rice and vegetables, or hung on fruit trees to make your house, patio, or lawn more beautiful.
Our bird reflector does not scare and harm birds, Instead, it keeps birds away from your home, garden, roof, windows and boats by reflecting visible light.
Name: Bird Reflector
Material: PP
Dimensions: about 17*17*40cm/7*7*15.8 inches each
Packing List:
Bird Reflector*1
Bird Reflectors*3

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