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Outdoor Plant Climbing Frame: Garden Obelisk Trellis


Our outdoor plant climbing frame, also known as a garden obelisk trellis, is the perfect addition to elevate your garden. It provides sturdy support for climbing plants, allowing them to grow vertically and create a stunning visual display. Crafted with durability in mind, this trellis adds both functionality and aesthetics to your outdoor space. Start transforming your garden with our versatile and stylish outdoor plant climbing frame.

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Outdoor Plant Climbing Frame: Garden Obelisk Trellis

Bullet Points:

1、Reliable material: Our garden obelisk tower is made of high-quality fiberglass poles for plant climbing, which can effectively avoid scalding plants and do not rust. The Rose Tower is very suitable for home potted plants and ground creeping plants.
2、Decorative Function: The Vertical Tower Obelisk for climbing plants adds a design touch to your garden. The tall vertical frame with 4 stakes provides better stability.
3、Ideal Garden Trellis: Vertical Tomato Tower Obelisks provide sturdy climbing support for flowering vines, vegetables, and other plants, adding stunning height to your garden.
4、Easy to Install: You can insert the Garden Trellis into the soil about 20cm and then fix the bracket. Fully engaged construction, no screws required, easy to assemble

5、Different Sizes: Garden Trellis is 25.4cm in diameter and has three sizes of 95cm/120cm/145cm in height. Highly stackable, multiple sets of products are used in combination to adapt to different growth cycles of plants.

This Garden trellis gives your climbing plants and vines plenty of room and can well prop up plants to grow uprightly and healthily.

Support for climbing plants, flowers, and vegetables. Such as cucumber, eggplant, tomato, ivy, roses, clematis, jasmine, beans, peas, grapes, morning glory, etc.

Name: Garden Trellis For Climbing Plants
Material: fiberglass rod
Colour: Black
Size: Diameter 25.4cm/10in. Height 95cm/37.4in; 120cm/47in; 145cm/57.1in
Column diameter: 8mm

Applicable flower pots: universal flower pots with inner diameter ≥ 25.4cm, recommended 5 gallon flower pots

Package List:
Rose Tower *1

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