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Portable Baby Cradle Swing Controller

Introducing our Portable Baby Cradle Swing Controller – the perfect solution for on-the-go parenting. Effortlessly adjust the swinging motion to create a comforting experience for your little one. Compact and easy to use, this controller ensures that your baby stays relaxed and entertained wherever you are. Simplify your parenting journey with this innovative and portable cradle swing controller.

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  • Style: Minimalist Modern
  • Material: Plastic


Sleep calming device. Better help parents free their hands and effectively help infants sleep. Note: This product is used to help infants sleep, and cannot be used overnight

Maximum load: 20kg. The spring cradle motor contains two springs to support infants of different weights. The small spring can carry 3 to 9 kg babies, and the large spring can carry 9 to 20 kg babies. Adjust the spring according to the baby’s weight.

9-step speed regulation timing. The spring bracket motor can adjust the time and swing speed. The timer can be set to 15 to 240 minutes. Level 9 adjustable swing speed can be adjusted according to baby’s preference to ensure stable swing.

Remote control. The updated spring cradle motor is equipped with a remote controller to control the running time and rotation speed of the electric baby swing controller. The volume of music can be adjusted, which is more convenient to use, and the baby can sleep at ease.

Hands-free. The improved spring type electric motor of the baby sleep assistant can help your baby keep a good sleep and more stable! Soft and slow stretching and stretching can replace the mother’s ability to let the baby fall asleep quickly and give the mother more time to rest.

Note: The spring extension range of our spring cradle motor is 30-50cm, and we recommend that the height of the baby hammock be less than 1m; The frame height of the baby hammock is higher than 2m.

Volume adjustment: 10 levels adjustable

Vibration speed adjustment: 10 levels adjustable

Timing setting: add 60 minutes each time

Maximum load: 21kg

Input voltage: DC 12V

Power: 12W

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