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Electric Baby Rocker with Controller


Effortlessly soothe your little one with our Electric Baby Rocker. Controlled at your fingertips, this innovative baby rocker provides gentle and calming motions, creating a comfortable environment for your baby. With its convenient controller, you can customize the rocking speed and intensity, ensuring a tailored and soothing experience for your little bundle of joy. Make parenting a breeze with this essential and modern baby accessory.

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  • Material: Metal
  • Feature 1: Electric Cradle Controller
  • Feature 2: Baby Swing
  • Feature 3: Baby Rocker Controller
  • Feature 4: Cradle Driver Adjustable Timer
  • Feature 5: bassinet
  • Feature 6: baby rocking chair
  • Feature 7: baby basket
  • Feature 8: baby rocker
  • Feature 9: safety baby rocking chair
  • Feature 10: cradle motor
  • Feature 11: intigrated cradle controller

Free your hands. This baby cradle controller is practical and durable, stable and silent. Save energy and convince your baby to fall asleep quickly.

Timing function. Electronic control can set the time, each time you press the timer, the time will increase by 60 minutes.

Safe and energy saving. The vibration amplitude of the controller and the sound of music can be adjusted, safe and easy to use, low voltage, can save power and hands-free.

Adjustable weight. The recommended maximum load of the baby cradle rotation control device is 21 kg, 3 springs are suitable for 5 kg to 7 kg, 4 springs are suitable for 7 kg to 12 kg, and 5 springs are suitable for 12 kg to 15 kg. 6 springs are suitable for 15 to 17kg, 7 springs are suitable for 17 to 21kg.

Volume adjustment: 10 levels adjustable

Vibration speed adjustment: 10 levels adjustable

Timing setting: add 60 minutes each time

Maximum load: 21kg

Input voltage: DC 12V

Power: 12

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