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Anti-Collision Wall Protector


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Furniture Corner Baby Safety Cover


Ensure your child’s safety with our Furniture Corner Baby Safety Cover. This practical protector is designed to safeguard sharp corners, providing an extra layer of security for your little one. The soft and thick material offers reliable protection against bumps and knocks, making it an essential addition to your babyproofing arsenal. Easy to install and discreet, this safety cover blends seamlessly with your furniture while prioritizing your child’s well-being.

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  • Model Number: Anti-collision strip
  • Specification: Single-piece Package
  • Pattern: 3D Sticker
  • Application: For household furniture 


L type : Length: 2m; Width: 3.5cm; Thickness: 1.2cm;
W type : Length: 2m; Width: 8cm; Thickness: 0.8cm;
Material: NBR
Bending strength: Strong
Compressive strength: Strong
Form: Strip shaped


Used as a collision strip
Can be used for furniture such as table corners, table edges, beds, wardrobes, etc. to achieve collision prevention and protect children from harm;
Used as stove stickers
Used in bathrooms (anti-slip) and other areas, waterproof, mold resistant, oil resistant, and kept clean and tidy


Ultra strong thickness brings a sense of security
The thickened design enhances the anti-collision ability of the product, which can better protect children and avoid accidental injuries
Free DIY (do it yourself), change your living environment and make your home more beautiful
Good sound insulation effect
Made of thick sponge, lightweight, with good sound insulation effect, solving the problem of loud water flow sound
You can cut as you please without wasting materials
This product comes with adhesive and can be easily pasted by tearing off the protective layer, making it simple and convenient to operate

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